Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New "Composer of the Month" Board

The newest addition to the music room is the Composer of the Month board!  (Thank you to my wonderful and creative mentor teacher for helping create it.)  Kindergartners in our school celebrated the wedding of Q and U (a really adorable event), and we learned that Mr. Mendelssohn composed the "Wedding March".  We moved to the music and even pretended to walk "down the aisle."  :)  Next, we'll listen and move to the "Italian Symphony".    

More composers to come! 


  1. How did you attach the fabric? I'd love to do a version of this in my class!

    1. I certainly cannot take credit for attaching the fabric. :) My mentor teacher helped me. He basically gathered it, one little piece at a time and then stapled it. In the end, though, he said it would have been easier to just attached a tension rod to the board and hang the curtains. :)