Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Seating Chart and Unit

For the sake of organization, I created a new seating chart that I implemented in January.  This one allows me to organize grades much more effectively than I was doing before.

Music teachers: how do you organize your assessment data?  A seating/role chart?  I hope to use an iPad or some kind of technology soon for this.

Also, fourth and fifth grades started a recorder unit.  Students are doing very well so far!  Here is the pre-test students completed before the unit began:
Click here for the Recorder Pre-Test.

Click here for the seating chart.


  1. How do you teacher recorder for students who are LD or don't you have many problems with them keeping up? Thanks for sharing your blog!


    1. Good question, and I think this will always be something I'm working to improve.

      I try to give students at all levels of motivation and ability opportunities to perform and practice at a pace that works for them. Many students are highly motivated and practice outside our classtime. These students are helpful with students who might be struggling. For example, I might ask a strong player to help his/her partner, help with fingerings, and demonstrate for the class.

      At the same time, I also want to encourage and help struggling students by giving them opportunities to be successful. That might mean providing extra praise when they produce the right sound or having him/her play an exercise with one or two notes, whereas I would ask the strong player to perform a more challenging exercise.

      Next year, I might implement the "Recorder Karate" program as a way for students who are really excited about playing recorder to excel, while also giving struggling students plenty of opportunities for repeated practice.